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cajun creole mix

cajun creole mix

bailey's authentic mix

Homemade Roux in Less than 5minutes!

The perfect pot of gumbo starts with the perfect roux. Whether it’s Seafood or Chicken and Andouille gumbo, or any of our other great recipes, with Bailey’s Cajun Creole Mix….you’ll never go wrong! Everyone will think you spent ours in the kitchen cooking up the best food they ever had sha!!!!

Our Story, Sha!

In today’s society, this great pastime has become a thing of the past and Buddy feared that all of the wonderful knowledge of his family’s cooking would also come to an end. It was within this question that inspired Bailey’s Creole Cajun Mixes. Today, everyone can experience the great traditional taste of authentic Cajun Creole foods without sacrificing countless hours in the kitchen previously experienced by our mothers and grandmothers.

Each box of Bailey’s Cajun Creole Mix has been carefully portioned into separate packets that have the exact amount of Creole spices, seasonings and secret traditional Roux mix that is second to none. We’re so sure you will like our mixes that you will be back for more. You can also experience a variety of other great “Cajun Creole” recipes using our same great Creole mix. Bon Appetit!

It all started in 1989 when Mr. Buddy Bailey asked his mother Mrs. Vic Bailey how were the family’s great “Cajun Creole” recipes going to be passed down to the next generations. In the good ole days, all of the secret recipes and cooking lessons were learned gathered around the kitchen with family and friends helping to continue the family’s tradition.

Makes Over 10 Different Receipes
cajun creole mix
baileys mix